Production Of Crude Oil

This involves the exploration of oil well after conducting necessary geological and geophysical (G&G) surveys required for the exploration of economic accumulations of oil or gas. We drill for oil wells from which we recover crude oil.

Haulage & Transport of crude oil

After the successful production of crude oil, it is necessary to ensure safe transportation and haulage of the product. This is characterized by shipping, trucking, pipelines used in handling the raw materials from the production point to storage.

Crude Oil Exploration

The exploration function is responsible for renewing our resource base through access, exploration and appraisal, while the reservoir development function is responsible for the stewardship of our resource portfolio over the life of each field.

about FMERL

First Mainland Energy Resources Limited (FMERL) is an energy company like no other with vested interests in the business of crude oil production and energy solutions. It is also involved in the marketing, supply, and trading of crude oil.


FMERL is well suited to the complexities abound in the Nigerian energy sector and as such is advantageous to its vision as a goal-oriented firm

Our vision is to be ranked amongst the best exploration and production companies in the world by efficiently exploiting hydrocarbons using the best available technologies and processes to optimize production from new and mature oil and gas fields.

Our mission is to engage in a sustainable exploration, producing and exporting of petroleum products and by-products as well as develop the Nigerian technical competencies.

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